Alessandro Rocchi


This photograph was taken by the Italian Photographer: Alessandro Rocchi. This picture caught my attention because it frustrates me. I am not able to find out exactly what face this girl is making. She is showing plenty of emotion, but it seems like she is trying to hide one emotion by replacing it with another. The fact that she is biting her lip makes it seem like she is regretful about something, but Alessandro leaves it up to the viewer to decide.

Another interesting part of this photo is the eyes. The white light in the center of the pupil caught my attention, although the green eyes are pretty mesmerizing as well. They are a deep green that contrast well with the red lipstick and the black background. The interesting part of the white light in the center of the pupil is that it is circular. It is unclear whether or not this was just the flash, or if the light was set up and intended to be reflected directly inside the pupil. Either way, the eyes will definitely draw the attention of any viewer.

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